Home Buying Information & Phone Numbers:

Here are some phone numbers that might be of use to you. I am not responsible for their work, so you will need to verify them for yourselves, but sometimes it is good to have lots of phone numbers in one place. Of course, if you already know somebody for these things, feel free to use them.

Blue Ridge Fire Department: (928) 477-2751 firechief@blueridgefiredist.org

Coconino County Sheriff’s Office: (928) 774-4523 or (800) 338-7888

Coconino planning and Zoning:  (928) 774-5011

Coconino County Health Dept: (septic permit) (928) 679-8764 or (928) 679-7222

Cherry Creek Construction, Jim Burke(928) 477-2000 or (602) 531-6987.

Bob Dragoo (520) 240-9321

Blue Ridge Community Church pastor Danny Allen (602) 769-0758
Calvary Bible Church Pastor Mike (928) 477-2800
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (928) 477-3451
Catholic Mass Saturday at 3 p.m. at Blue Ridge Community Church (928) 477-2868

These people are in the business to clean up land.
Lee and Leslie Thompson 928) 477-2821
Doug Lendt – (928) 477-2900
Chip Dinsmore (928) 477-2477
Clear Creek Disposal (928)477-2477
Clear Creek Disposal will place a large rolloff dumpster on your lot and then haul it to Bly Pit.

Art Lykken (602) 298-2200 artlykken@azquick.com

Jim at High Country Drywall (928) 978-1616

Arizona West Electrical, Mark Stephenson (928) 477-2167 or (623) 330-3602

Schwan’s Food 1 (888) 724-9267

AZ Pines Home Work Doug and Debra Wood (928) 477-2406, cell (602) 330-7894
North Mechanical (928) 468-9400.
Ken Richardson (928) 477-2640
Ike Foss (928) 477-2700

Perry Dietrich (602) 390-4877

HOME INSPECTORS: I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a Home Inspector during your inspection period. To help ensure that you receive a qualified inspection, I recommend that you ask your inspector the following seven questions: 1) How long have you been an inspector; 2) what qualification do you have as an inspector; 3) are you insured; 4) can you provide references; 5) What does your inspection cover; 6) How much do you charge; 7) may I be present at the inspection?

Brian Grant BCG@northlandhome.com (800) 880-1882
Ray Jackson, Stellar Inspections (928) 220-5875 raycjackson@msn.com
Atomic Pest Control (928) 474-3991 – termite inspections
Bug Off (928) 978-0634 – termite inspections

Cindy Pereli (928) 651-8005

Yvette Villamana 520-955-2606 or 520-751-4556 yvettev@vipmtginc.com
Bryan Seavers US Bank – offers LAND loans with 3/1 ARM  minimum 75% LTV (510) 301-5370 Bryan.Seavers@usbank.com
John Tobias, Nova Home Loans tobiasteam@novahomeloans.com (480) 626-2202
Neil Baker of Peoples Mortgage, (480) 540-2618, email- nbaker@peoplesmortgage.com
Josette Alexander, BANC HOME LOANS 925-285-8617, Josette.Alexander@Banchomeloans.com
Whichever lender you chose, please tell them Lisa McClure is helping you look for property.

Just-In Time  480 213 0395
Thompson Moving (602) 359-1342-Frank

Ponderosa Plumbing-Perry (928) 978-3631 or (928) 476-4727
Wrangler Plumbing-Charlie (928) 474-4032

David Lofano Bow Tie Roofing (602) 904-0062
Adam Glasscock (928) 970-0644
MDC Roofing, Mike (928)474-0842

GWR Septic (928) 289-6441 (from Winslow) Standard or Alternative Septic inspection and pumping
Flo-Tech systems-Mike Steelman (928) 476-2702 View this system at www.orenco.com and select residential and the number of bedrooms.
Septic Service (928) 779-32144 (from Flagstaff)

Doug Lendt (928) 477-2900 or (602) 228-8032 Richard Eng (928) 477-2735-Mogollon Ranch

Ray Jones (928) 474-4004
Gary Tamietti (928) 951-1043
Steve Perham (928) 978-0332

Clear Creek Disposal (trash pickup) (928) 477-2477

APS (electric) (800) 253-9405
see new APS information at bottom of this page
Starlight Water Co (520) 623-5172 or copy and paste to southwesternutilitymanagement.com
TDS – local phone only (888) 225-5837
Qwest – long distance phone (800) 860-2255
Northern Energy – Propane (928) 474-3334
Matlock Gas (928) 474-1193

Places to Stay in the Rim Country Make Reservations early and verify prices as they change from time to time.
Happy Jack Lodge (928) 477-2805
Pine Victorian Inn, Pine, AZ http://www.Pinevictorianinn.com 1-877-974-6329
Windmill Corner Inn (928) 476-3064 Strawberry, AZ
Pine Creek Cabins (928) 970-9511 (behind the Nifty Fiftys Diner in Pine

New APS information July 1, 2012 2. RESIDENTIAL 2.1. SINGLE FAMILY HOMES Extension Facilities will be installed to new Permanent residential applicants or groups of new Permanent residential applicants under the following conditions: 2.1.1. Free footage basis extensions are made under the following conditions: The total footage of the Extension Facilities (primary, secondary, service) does not exceed 750 feet per applicant, or $10,000; or The total cost of the Extension Facilities as determined by Company is less than $10,000 per applicant. 2.1.2. All additional construction costs over $10,000 per applicant will be paid by applicant(s) as a non-refundable contribution in aid of construction. 2.1.3. Applicants who combine to form a group may also combine their allowance as specified in Sections and 2.1.4. The cost of extending service to applicant will be determined in accordance with the Schedule of Charges or combination of Schedule of Charges and a Project-Specific Cost Estimate depending on the scope of the project which shall exclude the cost of the transformer(s). Construction costs in excess of the allowances as described in and shall be paid by the applicant prior to the Company installing facilities. Payment is due at the time the Line Extension Agreement is signed by the applicant. 2.1.5. The applicant(s) signs a Line Extension Agreement. 2.1.6. The site plan has been approved and recorded in the county having jurisdiction. 2.1.7. The footage allowance of 750 feet and cap of $10,000 shall be reviewed from time to time with the Arizona Corporation Commission.